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You’re on the lot, it’s a nice sunny day, and you’re starting to feel at ease with the salesman.  Now it’s time to find a suitable automobile.  Any given used car dealer is likely to have anywhere from one to several dozen or even hundreds to pick from.     New & Used Cars
If the dealer only has a handful, it could mean that he sells a lot of cars and is a fair and reputable businessman.  On the other hand, it could mean that he is a cheapskate and doesn’t buy cars unless the price is really low so that he can maximize his profit.  At this point it will be hard to tell, so be alert and pay close attention to everything you are told.  The larger the selection, the easier it is to find a good, reliable ride.  However, if there are only a few, it might be a good idea to at least look at all of them.  If you check out all of the cars and they are all complete junkers, it’s time to look somewhere else.

Any car that has been owned by one or more other people should be checked out as thoroughly as possible.  Some car owners take very good care of their vehicles, while others do not.  A new car that does not get regular maintenance during its lifetime can get premature wear on many of its parts.  Because of this, it is difficult at best to judge a car solely on the amount of miles it has on it.  Mileage is a factor when looking at a particular car, but it should not be the main reason to pick or dismiss the auto.

If your friendly salesman tries to get you to focus your attention on a certain vehicle, it will still be up to you to decide if you want to check into it or not. Don’t let him force you to look only at select cars that he picks out for you.  Remember, you are the one who will ultimately make the final decision, so make good use of your time there.  Should the salesman point out a car and you don’t like it for any reason, don’t feel pressured to check it out anyway just to be polite. Many salesmen know that if they can wear you down, you’ll be more likely to make a quick decision just to get it over with and get out of there.  Look around the lot first to see what they have.  You might see one or more cars that get your attention right off the bat.  If not, you might even want to ask the salesman for a recommendation.  He is one person who knows the inventory, and he might actually want to show you one of the best that they have to offer.

Once you find a car that you might want to purchase, be sure to give it a serious visual inspection.  Sometimes the salesman will talk incessantly in an effort to divert your attention.  He might start telling you how good the upholstery is or what great condition the body is in.  Certainly listen to what he has to say, but don’t allow him to make up your mind for you.  Walk around the vehicle and look at everything carefully.  Look at it from different angles, as you might notice something when the light shines this way or that.  If the car appears to have its original factory finish, chances are that is has never been in a serious accident.  Cars that have been painted by other than the factory may have been painted to cover up repairs to the body.

All in all, keep in mind that you are the one that is buying the car, not the salesman, so don’t take his word as gospel.  He might be extremely helpful, and his advice and suggestions may be good, but it could just as easily be his attempt to get you to buy a car that he has been trying to get rid of for a long time.  Take your time and look at more than one, even if you have your heart set on a particular car.  Seeing some of the others on the lot will help you to get a bigger picture of the type of autos that this dealer purchases, and it might even make you change your mind.

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